Triston: Trial
Fri Jul 11 08:10:51 2003
To: All
What kind of trial is this? Did one a-salt the other or pepper them verbally?
Is Natilena the defendant? What are the consquences of a guilty verdict?
And why would Natilena have to go on trial anyways, she is 3/4 immortal?
Please give us some gossip fodder!
When you Sin, oh baby you are so in!
Wish: My Law Suit Against Natilena
Fri Jul 11 08:18:23 2003
To: all
Just to clarify, I have filed formal suit against Natilena for copywrite
infringement. I claim that I was the first to use the term squishy, and
that Natilena, by adopting said catchword has infringed upon my
intellectual property. In addition, I claim that hers is false advertisemen
anyways because it is I who is most squishy, not Natilena.

Wish, Foul Sepiod of the Black Conclave
Bliss: Natilena v. Wish: Cross-Complaint
Fri Jul 11 18:19:48 2003
To: all
Please take notice that a Cross-Complaint for Injunctive Relief
has been filed this date on behalf of Natilena, Defendant and
Cross-Complainant. The foulest of sepiods, Plaintiff and Cross-
Defendant, Wish, please direct any further pleadings or corres-
pondence to me.

Bliss, Goddess of the Ashen Moon
Attorney for Natilena,
Defendant and Cross-Complainant