Tynian: Mob hunting quest
Tue Apr 29 00:07:25 2003
To: all
To celebrate the creation of the new shamanic master mobs, I will be
running a mob quest almost exactly like the mage mob quest back in

The quest will start on the morning of Saturday, May 10th, at
approximately 8am mud time, and will last for 8 hours. During that
time, the 'alljust', 'free20', 'noeqloss' and 'nosafe' options will be
set. See HELP GAME SETTINGS for what this means.

The quest itself is pretty simple. Mage and shaman mobs will be trying
to kill you. You will be trying to kill the HUNTING mobs that are
specifically for the quest. You'll get a message if you kill one.
Other players will likely be trying to kill you. You may kill other

The object is two fold. The first is NOT TO DIE. You die, you're done
with the quest. The second is to kill the hunting mage mobs. Doing so
will get you points.

For a prize, you must score in the top 3, must have been online at least
4 hours during the quest period, score at least 1000 points, and must
*not* have died. If there is anyone like that by the end of the contest,
the prizes are as follows:

1st: +5 damage on body dragon scale
2nd: +4 damage on body dragon scale
3rd: +3 damage on body dragon scale

To participate, you MUST use the 'signup' command to sign up prior to
the quest beginning.

Anyone can sign up, but this quest is clearly geared to higher level
characters. Lower level character will be at a "slight" disadvantage. ;-)
Immortals may assist their followers.

Note that the game settings should make for a relatively safe quest;
however, should something go wrong with them, PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THE
PROBLEM. For instance, if someone dies, and their corpse does not
appear in their inventory, don't loot the corpse! cmdlog the person with
the problem, post a note, and help them out.

*** *** GET TO A SAFE ROOM *** ***

The safety settings automatically shut off, and the mobs *should* quit
hunting, but this is not a good area to take chances.