(This was originally posted to the tfc forums in response to a question about whether the thug class was still in the process of being developed.)

Coleman said:

I really wasn't supposed to spill the beans (immortal code of super secrecy, don't ya know?) but what the heck, I'm Chaotic. You'll be excited to learn that the best aspects of thug and bard are being combined to form a new class, thard. Here is a sneak peek at some of the exciting skills thards will be able to learn:

Gangsta rap - the thard can cause ear-splitting pain to his/her victim with this form of poetry. This skill is Nice nice, Baby.

Bling - creates gold jewelry to be worn on the finger, around the neck, or on the wrist. These creations do not have significant magical effects, but increase the wearer's charisma significantly. A thard can never have too much Bling Bling.

Scratch - An extremely dexterous thard can work group members into a frenzy by using this skill. The rhythmic cadence causes all those affected by the skill to fight in a bezerker style, unable to flee and with better protection against being hit due to rapid back-and-forth movement.

Holdup - With a knife to the victim's throat and some smooth talking, the thard can painlessly extract 50% of the victim's carried gold.

Rumpshaker - With a melodic canting, the shard can cause a minor tremor in the area, causing damage to all victims. All you'll wanna do is zooma zoom zoom inna boom boom.

Fo'shizzle - The thard can cast this upon him/herself and up to three other group members, allowing the group to speak freely over any channel without being understood by anyone else except another thard.

Of course there will be many more dope skills, but we wouldn't want to give out all the 411, yo. Suffice to say that the new thard skill will be in high demand.

Interestingly enough, when a thard gets to be max level, he/she can begin anew with certain permanent changes to intelligence and wisdom. The working title for this is re-thardation, but nothing's been finalized.

Hope this information helps quell your curiousity! Please submit your applications immediately on the note board to Tiax if interested.
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