Tweedle: Dearest Solaron
Wed Oct 8 19:47:19 2003
To: all
Dearest Solaron, the most honorable and well kept, trust deserving
fellow, that the reputable and well liked following of the Wyld
Hunt has ever known, (after Zakarious of course). I'm *real*
sorry that I had to put you through such emotional stress, what
with all the crying and complaining. I'm not really in trouble
at all for stealing from you, its more because I gave it back to
another evil instead of keeping it all for myself. Thanks to
your efforts, I've been deactivated and I get to serve 25 hours
of community service in the guildhall. I thank you for offering
me this experience of a lifetime, a time to think and ponder, and
reassess my responsibilities, priorities, and reorganize my life.
Since I really feel bad and would like to repay my debt to you, I
will arrange a monthly payment plan of 1 gold per month, until my
debt is paid. My estimate is that you will be fully reimbursed
sometime in the year 27003.

Tweedle, THE WORST OM ever, (according to Solaron)
Jobano: Solaron
Wed Oct 8 20:18:26 2003
To: all
My dear old friend Solaron, I'm so very sorry for the part I have played
in this whole dreadful ordeal, and never should have besmirched the good
name of Tweedle by involving him in this atrocious affair.
Furthermore, I must say that the action in question was uncalled for as
the Hunt has always been known as a fair following that has never dared steal
or lie to the weak to further their own power.