Tamar: RL harassment and rumors
Thu Oct 9 10:35:16 2003
To: All
Think before you speak. Think before you repeat crap you think is funny
because you think it may be getting to someone. If you're reading this and
thinking "Aha! It's working!" YOU are who I'm talking to. Let's get this
straight. The only person "it" is getting to is ME. I am a pissed Greater
Goddess. You do NOT want a pissed Greater Goddess taking a closer look at your
statements. If you happen to believe that rumors that you hear MUST be true
because you keep hearing them, I'll be happy to go along with that reasoning and
start denying you because *I* keeping hearing that you are saying the kinds
of things you are. So, want to play? Keep it up. And I won't buy the
"I didn't know it meant that" excuse. If you aren't 100% sure of *precisely*
the meaning of the words coming out of your mouth, don't say them.

Harassment will NOT be tolerated.

If this note has you going "What's she talking about?" you are better off NOT
finding out. I may consider that spreading rumors as well. So take my advice
and let this be the end of it.

Tamar: RL harassment and rumors - Addendum
Thu Oct 9 18:25:51 2003
To: All
It has come to my attention that at least one person out there believes
that if they so much as discuss my note, they won't be allowed to play.
This is untrue. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions as to the
meaning of my note. Feel free to discuss my note with anyone and

HOWEVER, do this without spreading RL rumors. Do this without speculating
as to WHAT rumors may have prompted my note. Do this WITHOUT harassing