Andashalla: the Quest of the Rings
Sat Feb 1 14:14:41 2003
To: All

The Quest of the Rings has begun. It will last for 1 week, ending at
2 PM System time, on 2/8/03. The Quest was written by Nyx, Faileas Dhan
of the Chosen of Fate, and was brought to you with the kind assistance
of Khore, Katrana and Cordir.

Teams consist of no more than three individuals.

Completed quest answers should be sent to A
'complete quest answer' is: the full name of the room, mob, or object
wherein the answer is found, and the answer to the specific question.
Andashalla: The Quest of the Rings: Part 1: The Past
Sat Feb 1 14:15:41 2003
To: all

***The Past***
1 . Who was the only Grand Sorceress to take her own life?
2 . In the first chapter, who do the adventurers meet up with?
3 . How many of "The original 13" were female?
4 . What was the catalyst that prompted the dwarves of the Southern Continent
. to set up a permanent camp in Linaeoth Valley?
5 . What caused the seas to boil and froth for ten cycles, killing hundreds of
. of sea creatures in the process?
6 . What caused a flowering Citadel Renaissance?
7 . Who were the signers of a certificate stating 'I killed Heim 500 times'?
8 . What was the result of dues negotiations with guild members?
9 . What gift lead the Lost Clan to depart?
10. What happened when a god appeared in Harper's Landing?
11. Who was the last priest of the Silver Lady?
12. What happened to those who read the legend but still weren't prepared
. for the terrors they found?
13. During what years was Ton alive?
14. Who was Danielo Serrano?
15. What happened to Annabelle?
16. In whose light did Darkness find true happiness?
17. What made a huge hole in the roof, letting daylight (or moonlight) in?
18. Whose fate gave birdmen strength, leading the Timeless War to be
. joined again?
19. What two individuals represented their respective races at the sealing
. of the pact of Acceptance?
20. What old sailor, once rich and wise, was a ruthless ruler of the
. seagoing folk?
Andashalla: The Quest of the Rings: Part 2: The Present
Sat Feb 1 14:17:01 2003
To: all
***The Present***

1. What do the carved letters on one of the desks look like?
2. How does one dance in the elven way?
3. What have less than vigilant janitors left behind?
4. Where are the plans that appear to be in some sort of code you do not
. understand, to protect against spies?
5. What draws its energy from the lava far beneath it?
6. What does a small cave lizard cling to like glue?
7. Where has an organization secretly been built against the the corrupt
. commanders of the southern stronghold?
8. What should you check out if you are looking for the shady side of the
9. What is the first rule of mine safety?
10. Who asks that upon returning to the Adventurers' Guild you place all
. equipment you cannot use in the pit, so that the less fortunate may
. partake of it?
11. What makes Vrakene's gravestone gleam?
12. What makes a place perfect for growing exotic tropical plants and
. flowers?
13. Who still has a dagger in his belt, a pipe in his hand, a ring on his
. finger, and a broad smile on his face?
14. Who is in charge of the magical defenses of the King, Divad Keep, and
. Captain Trag's squads?
15. What is not allowed, by order of the curator?
16. Where do illusionary dioramas float in perpetual animation?
17. What is one of the proper methods of hiding that is demonstrated?
18. Who is the ghastly patron of Gargoyles?
19. Where do the minotaurs get their information about the humans?
20. Why has a metal muzzle been fitted over the poor wretch's mouth?
Andashalla: The Quest of the Rings: Part 3: The Future
Sat Feb 1 14:18:08 2003
To: all

***The Future***
1. During a coming Day of Great Gods, a celebratory dinner will be held
. promptly at six. What will it consist of?
2. How will Clan and Clanfriend survive the Age End?
3. When the People return, what shall be given to them?
4. Who will return to visit his cousin the taxidermist?
5. Whose failure would result in the realm returning to the frozen state
. it was in before the construction of the Furnace was completed?
6. Who shall slay the last of the Demon Kings?
7. What will Sanguinna know again?
8. What will be made from adventurers who are eyed with dour suspicion and
. wonder?
9. What is the destiny of the many unhappy caged animals?
10. What ultimate power will you regret reaching?