Ryo gossips (in common), 'WOOT'.

Pol gossips (in common), 'GRATZ RHINA!!!'.

Wylin gossips, 'GRATZ Rhina!'.

Alucard cants, 'gratz Rhina'.
Taws gossips (in common), 'Gratz, Mistress Rhina'.

Booze gossips (in common), 'Gratz Rhina!!'.

Erian gossips (in common), '*bow Rhina*'.
Crazone gossips (in common), 'CONGRATZ'.

Dwindle gossips (in dwarven), 'Gratz'.
Kethran gossips (in common), '*CHEER* Grats, Rhina'.

Boromir cants, 'Congratulations Lady Rhina *bow* '.

Amonte gossips (in common), 'grats'.

Fisrad gossips (in common), 'Hail'.
Fallon gossips (in common), 'grats'.

Kemian gossips (in common), 'Gratz Rhina  :)'.

Armalag gossips (in common), '*cheer*'.
Rand gossips (in common), 'GRATZ RHINA!!!'.

Someone gossips, 'Congratulations, Rhina!!'.

Rhina gossips, 'Whee!'.

Quaydor gossips (in dwarven), 'way to go'.

Leif cants, 'Congrats Rhina >) you've got the best foliage!'.
Fallon gossips (in common), 'i dont feel safe'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'Congratulations Rhina!'.

Pol cants, 'hehe'.

25 players.
Hum [    Ma:24 Ra:28    ] Fisrad, Barkeep of the Enforcers.
Dwa [       Sh: 6       ] Dwindle Dwarf. Furry Female Extrodinare!
Hum [ Th:17 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Armalag Blackflame, The Rock, Rhina's Lackey (+mana)
Hum [       Wa: 4       ] Doit the Boy
Hum [    Th:24 Wa:25    ] Fallon wonders how deep the rabbit hole goes  *Folk*
Elf [    Ma:13 Th: 9    ] Erian, Saloon Girl of the ENFORCERS!
Hum [ Th:25 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Alucard Bashing Hunts daily  -COVEN/TUCSON-
Hel [ Ma:15 Ra:15 Th:15 ] Ryo, Stardust Mercenary.
Hum [       Sh:16       ] Booze of the Enforcers
Hum [    Wa:11 Cl:13    ] Taws the Mischievious Dark Kindred
Hum [    Greater God    ] Tokugawa.
Gno [       Cl:12       ] Auricirina the Gnome Girl plays TFC games in the Dark 
Hum [       Sh:10       ] Kemian is wandering.
Elf [ Ma:26 Ra:26 Th:26 ] Boromir Ambassador of Fate...Taoiseach...*Wyrm*
Elf [ Ra:20 Th:20 Ma:24 ] Shilea the Elf Maiden            @-FoLK-
Elf [     Ebon Blade    ] Kethran, The Mack Truck Blade of Fate.
Dwa [       Wa: 7       ] Quaydor the Mirth Bringer
Hum [    Ra: 4 Ma:15    ] Crazone navigator of the Stars
Hum [ Sh:19 Ra:18 Th:18 ] Rand al'Thor, Thorny Rose of the Ashen Moon. *FTP*
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Leif's blood runs thick with Venom     [Coven]
Hel [    Wa:10 Cl:14    ] Amonte de'Toya! Serae Enforcers.
Hel [ Wa:29 Th:26 Ma:26 ] Pol O'Song. Imp of Fate. Keeper of Tel's Flame.
Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Rhina: Back to my roots! (Coven)
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Wylin can dig it                      ENFORCERS
Elf [ Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Zip, Elven Witchling *Coven of the Ashen Moon*

It is 8am on Marisae the 2nd, the month of the Fool's Bounty,
in the year 2621.

TFC started up at Sun Nov  2 14:42:24 2003
The system time is Sun Nov  2 21:24:19 2003

Alucard cants, 'i was wondering why u wernt talkin on ftell :)'.
Rhina gossips, 'Thank you everyone!'.
Rhina gossips, 'Thanks everyone... did I say that already?'.

Leif gossips (in common), 'nod >P'.

Rhina gossips, 'OOpsie. :)'.

Alucard cants, 'hey make me a god toku! '.

Tokugawa cants, 'why?'.

Alucard cants, 'just for like 10 mins'.

Leif cants, 'he wants to be able to beat me up'.

Alucard cants, 'please'.
Boromir cants, 'hmm I'm already the god of ids .. you'll have to be something else :)'.
Leif cants, 'heehee'.

Alucard cants, 'just so i can see thru darkness'.

Pol cants, 'later sneaks and imms...and gratz again Rhina!'.

Rhina cants, 'thanks!'.

Leif cants, 'later Pol'.
Fallon cants, 'cya'.
Pol cants, 'i hope you never *leave*....:)'.
Rhina cants, '*mutter*'.

Tokugawa cants, 'leaf'.

Tokugawa cants, '*poke*'.
Leif cants, '>P come on Pol and make like a tree and leave!'.
Boromir cants, 'its as easy a 1 2 tree :)'.

Fallon cants, 'hehe'.
Rhina cants, 'In honour of my recent advancement... no puns for 10 minutes!'.

Tokguawa cants, 'your barking up the wrong tree'.
Leif cants, 'hehee'.
Rhina cants, 'Awww'.

Someone cants, 'My tree is bigger than your tree.'.
Pol cants, 'yes, let's not shrub her the wrong way'.
Boromir cants, 'thats the root of the whole pronlem .. she has been pining for puns'.
Alucard cants, 'yuck'.
Rhina cants, 'C'mon you guys!'.

Fallon gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Leif cants, 'i'm gonna start pulling some good ones out of the trunk'.

Pol cants, ':)...gratz Rhina...*hug* *wave* all'.

Rhina cants, 'Did I actually think I was going to get more respect? *mutter*'.
Boromir cants, 'and .. no moe seedy jokes either :)'.
Someone cants, 'I'm stumped.'.

Leif cants, 'hehe'.

Boromir cants, 'I understand .. but we will petal these puns anyway'.
Boromir cants, 'just hotter than a pistil toonight'.

Tokugawa cants, 'dont step on any stamen'.

Boromir cants, 'goes aganist the grain to do so :)'.
Boromir cants, 'wood you believe ;)'.
Leif cants, 'come on you're stealing all her sunlight'.
Rhina cants, 'I've gone into shock, it is all over'.
Boromir cants, 'trying to brigthen her day ;)'.

Leif cants, 'oh no, it's Fall'.

Boromir cants, 'let me suumerize :) ...'.

Someone cants, 'TIMBERRRRRRR!!!'.

Boromir cants, 'you axed for that :)'.

Leif cants, 'Now she's stumped'.

Boromir cants, 'stumped? ... or board?'.
Rhina cants, '*sigh* I pity the poor sap who has to listen to this all the time.'.
Rhina cants, 'Oh wait, that'sme.'.

Tokugawa cants, 'RHINE MADE A PUN!'.

Leif cants, 'SAP!'.

Tokugawa cants, 'er, Rhina'.
Boromir cants, 'a sap?'.
Rhina cants, '*cough* No I didn't.'.

Tokugawa cants, 'oh, you did, just did not realize it'.
Someone cants, 'I saw it!'.
Someone cants, 'sap sap sap'.
Rhina cants, 'I'm not THAT dim. ;)'.

Rhina cants, 'thatis all I have to do to make it stop?Make a pun myself?!'.
Boromir cants, 'some cant handle the punishment :)'.

Someone cants, 'if you can't beat them join them'.

Rhina cants, 'But itonly fits the crime'.