The realization

Inner Turmoil No More

Suddenly I hear something -- a melodious voice
And I break from my trance, peering deeply into bright blue eyes
Two sapphire pools that try to consume me
Again I start to drift off - wondering if this is really meant to be
Once has my heart ever been touched
Once was my heart severely crushed
And compared to now - I don't even think the love was real
But even then, the pain I could undoubtedly feel
There are gods who would claim her theirs
Who am I to mix in the immortal affairs
But for her sweet smiles and even more luscious kisses
How could I not?
She has not rescued me for but a moment
She has brought me beyond any and every torment

Wordly possessions... material desires... all frivolous details

Take them away, what are they without her there?
What does it mean without someone there to share?
Always incredulous that this is a dream
And any second it might just abruptly end
The pools glisten, and I hear her voice...
Concerned? She is afraid for me
Back anew - I glimpse her full face
And summon a smile that dispels her fears
A smile that nearly brings me to tears
It's an omen given clearly from someone above
I should not have any fears - This - This is love.

Vex Ironwolf,
Inquisitor of the Ashen Moon.