Kyrie: MUD balancing
Sat Nov 8 08:12:36 2003
To: all
What about imposing a limit to the amount of followers any specific
diety could have? This would help prevent the unfair polarization
of the MUD, having them at least be players in different followings
even if the followings they would have gone into are allied. I feel
this would also help many FLIs who tend to drop out activity wise
because of lack of followers, though I understand there are other
external reasons for this as well. In current times, there is only
a handful of dedicated players who really still play text based MUD
games, and if everyone is pinned to one particular group/FLI it
makes the game less interesting and worth playing for those who are
outside their loop.
Also, this would help encourage followings to set higher standards
when accepting followers and perhaps help prevent the worshipping &
gearing up of level 1s and 2s from the start of their experience in
the game, which tends to make the game slightly unbalanced when
such characters go up against those who haven't had the benefit of
constant FLI equipment catering in their early levels. I'm not sure
what each following's follower limit should be set at, perhaps 40?
That decision would be better made by someone who understood the
current demographics of the MUD.
Granted, this idea would take some coding and implementation, but I
believe it would make the game better in the long run for everyone.
With its implementation however, you would probably have to remove
the power ratings for FLIs, or at least the OM restrictions with
respect to a FLI's power rating.While I think they are interesting,
I'm not sure of their current or future value in the game. To me,
they are serving more as another way to kick a little following or
non-mainstream following when its down, rather than serving any
roleplay or other benefit to the community.