Lins: Mobmastery
Sun Dec 14 09:49:23 2003
To: all
It's not a whine thing.
But please change this back as to where it once was.
It's NOT randomed anymore at all. You can just look at the news page to see what your next target will be.
Not really a challenge to me.

And getting a small rat which is on 4th Master's for a level 10 newbie isn't really a lot of fun either.
Some mobs are just too hard to get to, and the fact that you could get a new one when you failed made
it more interesting.
And challenging for that matter.

Besides that, I'd like some competition on the top. Noone in the '100+ range' has gotten a mobmaster
for a LONG time...

Again, it's not a whining note, I'm just hoping it'll be changed back so it will be more challenging
for all of us.