Leif: Apology
Tue Jan 7 22:06:48 2003
To: all
I apologize.
Because one person doesn't have pointy ears, they are not worth as much as me.
Their intelligence and heart weighs nothing in the scale of worth,
Because they were not born my blood, they should not speak to me as an equal.
And those of my race who are the product of the life process between an Elf
and a human, are to be scorned. I am taught to believe they are an abomination.
But no longer will I allow myself to be fooled by the biased beliefs of my own.
I have insulted the intelligence and abilities of far too many, for far too
long. I apologize, and my excuse was blindness, blind racism. Hate.
Hate, for none other reason than you were not of my blood. I apologize.
And to the Minotaurs and Gnomes who I was taught should serve me, for I was
an Elf: I would be proud to be a friend of either.
I am ashamed that I followed those beliefs for as long as I did, but now..
I am trapped. Forced to follow an elven god who believes he is better than
Everyone. I asked for a release from him, but I was denied.
So the best I can do for now, is release myself from these biased thoughts
I AM an Elf. But I will no longer be ignorant of the abilities and feelings any
other race possesses. As well, I will no longer speak only the elven tongue.
So, trapped I am to follow a god who wants me to believe my race is superior to
all. But freely I offer the spells he gives me to any race, including
half-elves, who should be my bretheren.



P.S. No sympathy is wanted, only an open mind to think about what is being said.
As well, maybe some mana each time a shaman passes by :P cause I'm mana bled.