Natilena: And the Winners are........ *insert drum roll here*
Mon Sep 15 14:58:54 2003
To: all
In first place! Death By Chocolate

With a total of 842 points!
(Iou 150, Trivia 122, Stuff 570)

In second place! Team Wyld Sun

With a total of 664 points!
(Iou 160, Trivia 123, Stuff 381)

In third place! Clued In
With a total of 466 points!
(Iou 105, Trivia 118, Stuff 243)

Thanks to ALL the teams that participated, we were impressed at how well all
the teams did, including the small ones! We ejoyed putting it together and
hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. If you're curious about
your teams results not posted here, just give one of us a tell.

Natilena, Majere and Wylin