Jaerith: Howdy, folks. It's Election time again!
Fri Jan 24 01:09:21 2003
To: all

Vote J for 2057! I hereby nominate myself as
candidate for Mayor of Midgaard in this years
elections! If elected, I will clean up the
streets of midgaard..starting with those horrible
stray dogs! I'll pay people to come in and
kick the dirty creatures to death! Vote J in 2057!

If you're tired of the Baker selling the same
stale, crusty bread for over a millenia, I'll
have him placed in chains and give him a public
stoning! Vote J in 2057!

Make your vote count, citizens. Vote for me in
the upcoming election. If you don't, I'll hire
thugs to come to your house and beat up your parents.

*** Paid for by the Jaerith for Mayor Campaign,
all donation checks to be payable to South Continent
Offshore Island savings and loan.