A swatch of scarlet silk
asphyxiated her pleasures
as she walked through his torturous coma;
until My voice,
like the sound of rain against rose petals,
awakened her desire
to feel the edge of My teeth
grazing across her hardened nipple

The saber edge of My kiss
lacerated her tongue,
she squirmed for affection,
but I labored My fingerprints against her soul
and her primordial orgasm flung her body
back unto the heavens from once it came

I smiled with the intent of evil
and lavished an intimate knowledge
of her own fantasy
while I strangled the strings of the puppet
to make her beg for our next
sublime altercation

She unlaced the silk scarf
with the lust for My imagination,
but the prophesy demands the sacrifice of passion;
she now understands I am immortal,
and will live with the taste of My intensity
until the edge of time