Kaern: Re: "ignore" command
Thu Jul 17 00:11:41 2003
To: all
To have to type a command to ignore someone contradicts the
whole concept of actually IGNORING them.
Cordir: Ignore command
Thu Jul 17 06:41:47 2003
To: all

While I think the ability to block any tells or gossips by a
specific person would be spiffy, it involves creation of coce,
and I'd far rather Tynian was working on a multitude of other
projects he's mentioned. :-) Like Bard! and Thug! woot!

A primitive form of the proposed ability exists in some clients:
If you are a Zmud user, you can utlize the #GAG command.

While I haven't personally used it, others may be able to
relate any experiences (positive or negative) they have had
with it.