Tiax: Friends, enemies, alliances and pacts
Sun Jul 13 13:28:58 2003
To: all
Greetings all,

It has come to my attention there has been alot gossiping about the
defenders and the hunt. Firstly, yes we are friends with the hunt.

Why? Cause they never harmed us. Anyone who has not harmed us is
considered a friend. The folk, the Chosen, the Hawks, Mirth, Unity,
Sin are all friends.

Actually I also consider, Coven, Darks, Roses, Clavers as friends.
Well at least some of them. We judge by people, but we are a bit
hesistant to people whose fellow followers have harmed us.

For everyone who thinks we are bad for this, I am sorry that's the
way I rule my following. Anyone not attacking will receive aid. Any
following that has not attacked us will receive aid.

People who think this is evil, so be it, but we will not change.

*signed with a big shining T*

PS: If you find a defender has treated you badly, report it to me
. with a log. Rumours are so hard to base punishment on