(this log's from Fobro's point of view)
You say (in old-common), 'ok, well, considering I had to bus you all here, take 
a nice look around first'.

Fallon looks at Wolfwood.

Lysanthir looks at Wolfwood.

Wolfwood looks at Lysanthir.

You say (in old-common), 'not quite what I mean, but'.

You shrug.

Lysanthir says (in common), 'look w, iddn't work for look west'.

Lysanthir ruffles Wolfwood's hair playfully.

Wolfwood laughs.

Bevier looks at Wolfwood.

The day has begun.

You pray, 'I think we're ready at the dawning of the day'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'ok lets rock it big Fobby'.

Clue leaves east.

The sun rises in the east.

Clue arrives from the east.

Clue says, 'are we ready to begin?'.

Wolfwood nods.

Fallon nods.

Bevier signals that he is ready.

James smiles happily.

Lysanthir ftells, '1000 gold pool on how many minutes from... now. till first 
person festers'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'hehe'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'I'm in'.

Bevier ftells, '*gasp*'.

Lysanthir ftells, 'I got 7 min'.

The natural sounds of the Circle fade into silence.

Wolfwood ftells, 'I saw 12'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'say'.

The birds cease their song: even the crickets are quiet.

Mistyfier ftells, 'shh its starting! :P'.

Only the soft rush of the wind can be heard.

Wolfwood ftells, 'oh bah...'.

The breeze suddenly blows cold for a moment - 

Fallon ftells, 'anyone logging?'.

Goosebumps spring up on your flesh.

Mistyfier ftells, '*bonks fobro*'.

Bevier ftells, 'I am'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'I am'.

Then the sunlight seems to brighten and warmth returns.

You ftell, 'I am'.

A soft, aurora-like glow surrounds Fobro.

Fobro looks startled, then solemn.

Clue smiles happily.

Mistyfier ftells, '*bodyslams fobro* muhahaha! time to get you back!'.

Clue says, 'There are certain ceremonies and events that touch us all:'.

Fallon ftells, 'hehe'.

Clue says, 'Birth... unions... deaths... rites of passage...'.

Clue says, 'They touch us because they affect those we love.'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'I should have fed him a sex change potion...'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'for you, it is your death!'.

Clue says, 'Ordainment is also a ceremony of love:'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'muhahaha'.

Clue says, 'It shows our love and respect for the newly Ordained.'.

Clue says, 'It shows their love, that they will serve others, not self.'.

Clue says, 'We gather here today to ask Fobro to take on a new role'.

Clue says, 'He has already served the FoLK in a variety of ways,'.

Clue says, 'Shown himself a leader...'.

Clue says, 'He has proven courage in a variety of situations...'.

Clue says, 'He has both led the way, and followed others, into danger.'.

A quirky grin flits across Clue's face...

Wolfwood ftells, 'like leading me into masters'.

... and you'd swear you heard someone chuckle, 'APC indeed!'

Mistyfier ftells, 'heheh no kiddin :P'.

Fallon ftells, 'heh'.

Bevier ftells, 'but of course!'.

Clue says, 'Fobro, would you step forward?'.

Mistyfier ftells, '*cough* hehehe'.

Fobro takes three steps towards Lady Clue.

Bevier ftells, 'APC?'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'or my random trips into ugly places where I dragged fobro along'.

Fobro sinks to one knee, bowing his head in deference.

Lysanthir ftells, 'You need to be a mage so you can 'accidnetly' teleport yourself 
before he hits that 3rd flolor'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'Armored Personal carrier...'.

Fobro looks up, his expression both joyful and earnest.

Mistyfier ftells, 'yeah, since he is a DA beast ;)'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'or the time he dared me to go fight the phoenix in candlespyre'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'heheh'.

Clue says, 'Do you understand the responsibilities of Ordainment?'.

Fallon ftells, 'dammit shush'.

Clue says, 'The times of leadership, and times of encouragement?'.

You say (in old-common), 'Most certainly.'.

Clue says, 'Do you understand the dangers of Ordainment?'.

Bevier ftells, 'oops'.

Clue says, 'That by its very nature, it makes you more of a target?'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'tongues dropped'.

You say (in common), 'Yes.'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'thats why you stay in common'.

Ghazkull smiles happily.

Mistyfier ftells, 'hehe'.

Clue says, 'Do you understand the challenges it will bring?'.

You ftell, 'bah'.

Clue says, 'That we will come to rely and depend on you even more?'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'how about the times when I just randomly take him somewhere, 
then all of a sudden his corpse is on the ground'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'that has happened a few times hehe'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'not a good thing ;)'.

You say (in common), 'Of course.'.

Clue smiles happily.

Wolfwood ftells, 'you guys do that to me all the time.'.

Clue says, 'I am glad, Fobro... for you are both worthy and deserving.'.

Bevier smiles at you.
Clue says, 'You have many special gifts and talents that have served us.'.

Clue says, 'In this role, they will be utilized even more...'.

Clue says, 'And it may be a rite of passage to you as you mature...'.

Clue says, 'Many have found that Ordainment is not what they thought...'.

Clue says, 'It becomes a catalyst for their own growth.'.

Clue says, 'Helping them to become something much more, as they rise up to this 
new challenge.'.

Clue turns to Mistyfier.

Clue asks, 'Misty, did you travel as I bid you?'

Mistyfier nods solemnly.

Clue asks, 'and did you bring forth that which I asked for?'

Wolfwood ftells, 'well...did ya...'.

Mistyfier says, 'Yes, lady Clue,' and removes his hands from behind his back to 
reveal a small green chalice filled with liquid carefully cradled in his palms. 

The chalice appears to have been carved from a single piece of emerald...

Wolfwood ftells, 'damnit james you voided..'.

Mistyfier carefully hands the emerald chalice to Lady Clue.

Bevier ftells, 'James you voided'.

It is carved to resemble a spindle, that which the Wyrm uses to spin Threads.

James ftells, 'sorry'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'we should have made a pool on that Lysan!'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'it happens.'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'yeah all the time hehehe'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'yep'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'hence why we need ftell gossip ;)'.

Lysanthir ftells, 'damit. next time. thieves need something to wager on'.
Wolfwood ftells, 'i voided so much at Misto's OM'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'i think I almost voided at my own ceremony *blush* hehee'.

Clue lifts the chalice, which seems to sparkle with light.

Clue says, 'The tears of the Dhole... I and Mistyfier both have been baptized by 
this sacred water.'.

Clue says, 'And with it... I bless and baptize you, rebirthing you to a new purpose.'.

Bevier ftells, '*cackle*'.

Clue dips her fingertips into the chalice, and flicks the liquid over Fobro.

Faile looks at you.

As the Lady does so, a shimmering incandescence flows over Fobro.

Ghazkull looks at you.

Clue hands Fobro the chalice, gesturing for him to drink the remaining drops.

Fobro raises the tiny chalice to his lips, closes his eyes, and drinks.

Bevier looks at you.

Fobro shudders at the strong salt taste of the Dhole's tears.

Wolfwood ftells, 'are we supposed to be looking?'.

You ftell, 'no'.

Clue says, 'Salt is in our tears.. in our blood... in the seas which surround us...'.

Wolfwood ftells, 'feed me lines here...'.

Clue says, 'Salt burns in our wound'.

The sun slowly disappears in the west.
You ftell, 'which reminds me to make a new description'.

Clue says, 'Salt burns in our wounds, yet gives flavor and enjoyment to our food.'.

Clue says, 'It is in our expression for someone we respect - the 'salt of the 

Clue says, 'Let this responsibility be the salt of your lifetime...'.

Clue says, 'It will bring pain... it will bring joy... it will be a catalyst both 
for you, and for all the FoLK.'.

Clue lays Her hands lightly upon Fobro's head.

Clue closes Her eyes.

The Lady's aura intensifies to a blinding brilliance.

You are now Clue's Holy Advocate!
Your gain is: 1/474 hp, 1/316 m, 5/410 mv, 4/58 prac, 0/0 trn.
You feel more influential!

Lysanthir gossips (in common), 'CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS Fobro on level 1 !!!'.

Mistyfier ftells, 'whee!'.

Faile gossips (in common), 'Congratulations on your Ascension to an Ordained Mortal of FoLK!'.

Fallon breaks out a pair of pom-poms and cheers himself on.

Bevier ftells, 'yay!'.

Symon tells you, 'Gratz'.

You ftell, 'haha'.

Clue slumps slightly, her aura fading to almost imperceptability.

Fallon cheers you on, confident that you will win.

Lysanthir cheers you on, confident that you will win.


Fallon ftells, 'congrats'.

Fobro leaps to his feet to offer Clue his arm.

Mistyfier ftells, 'shhh its still going on'.

Faile beams a smile at Clue.

Bevier cheers you on, confident that you will win.

Wolfwood ftells, 'yah well...'.

Cordir gossips, 'Congratulations, Fobro, upon your Ordainment!'.

Fobro blinks, startled at a thought... then murmurs it softly. "that is my task, 

James showers you with confetti!

Bevier showers you with confetti!

Lysanthir gossips (in common), 'Never underestimate the power of the short people!'.

Fallon ftells, 'HAHA'.

You say (in common), 'To be your shoulder to lean on... to help ... always... '.

Mistyfier ftells, 'shush!'.

Faile utters the words, 'give mana' Clue.

Clue nods.

Faile utters the words, 'give mana' Clue.

Clue smiles happily.

Wolfwood ftells, 'quiet now...still going on'.

Faile chirps mischievously.

Clue says, 'Now and always... and I am glad for it. '.

You smile happily.

The Druid's Circle
[Exits: north east west]
You are standing outside of a druid's circle. The druid is sitting in the
center on the limb of a tree that is bent over like a bench.  He is
whispering to a plant that moves to a position right above his head. He
motions to you to sit down and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
The sky is cloudy and a warm southerly breeze blows.
( 3) A delicious magic mushroom is here.
James is here.
Mistyfier is here.
(Intense Light Blue Aura) [GS] Clue is here.
(Intense Light Cyan Aura) [GS] Cordir is here.
Lysanthir is here.
Wolfwood is here.
Fallon is here.
Bevier is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) (*Ally*) Faile is flying here.
(Light Cyan Aura) (*Ally*) Ghazkull is here.

Mistyfier says (in common), 'now all the crazy celebration stuff!'.