An Unlikely Apprentice: Finding Evil

Finding Evil

I stalked the cat who stalked the night,
As black as pitch, as swift as wind.
And yet with all my magely might,
I found but tracks where the cat had been.

I stalked it under stars and moon,
And on the dales above the sea.
I stalked it under the sun at noon,
But like a ghost, it fled from me.

And in the forest deep of green,
And in the caves no man had dared,
And in strange lands no mortal's seen,
I tracked the cat: no better fared.

It taunted me from the edge of sleep,
And teased me as I slept and dreamed.
I chased it to cliffs from off it'd leap,
And vanished in the mists it seemed.

Until a night that lacked a star,
So deep in winter amidst the snow.
And I had wandered deep and far
Into a cave now well I know.

I wandered in the dark awhile,
Wandered in the red, red glow.
And thought that I had walked a mile,
When something purred from down below.

The cat of night stood at my feet
And Mischief's grin wore wide with pride.
And so stunned was I to finally meet
The cat ran quickly past my side.

I followed it to a chamber wide,
A fish of stone was glowing red.
There was no cat to run and hide,
But beauty, graceful, there instead:

She turned her head and winked at me.
I marvelled dumbly at her stare,
And stammered something I took to be
Attempts to explain why I was there.

She raised her and said, "No more.
You're here because I led you here.
I am Syla, my young mage, Khore,
The Queen of Michief. Do not fear."

I bowed and said, "Well, I am Khore.
And I have but my life to give
But if you have need then say no more:
I am your mage as I shall live."

She touched my hand then breezed away,
And I fell to the ground and slept.
When I awoke, and to this day:
I wore my Red and my promise kept.