Gleep: EQ through History
Mon Sep 1 15:10:07 2003
To: all
As all my characters have finally purged, I thought I would share this.
It is a chronological EQ history of Skeeve. It stretches back to 2.x.
It is arranged most recent to oldest. The oldest is half 2x and half early 3x eq.
Entire sets of EQ never ended up in the list along with many incidental items.

If I ever get the motivation, I might try to make the large quanity of
TFC related logs and information avaiable (70megs.)

(I have posted the eqhistory directly to the Forums also. If you wish to comment/flame
please head there to do so, as I won't be online to read notes.)

-Gleep, Skeeve's 'lil green dragon