Eliste held a costume contest as part of her dance, with Wylin, Natilena & Grimace acting as judges. First place went to Bevier and Darkfang the gold and silver dragons (they entered as a pair), second place went to Eliste the Mermaid, and third place went to Oook the Tribal Ogre.

Costumes of the people that entered are below:

look HarKlan
Her bright red hair is braided tightly behind her.
HarKlan leads a charmed life.
HarKlan is in perfect health.

HarKlan is using:
<used as light>     a ball of bright yellow light
<worn on finger>    a simple ring
<worn on finger>    a simple ring
<worn around neck>  a red dragon crystal necklace
<worn on body>      a skintight leather dress
<worn on head>      a beautiful pair of golden earrings
<worn on feet>      a pair of thigh-high leather boots
<worn on hands>     a pair of studded leather gloves
<worn on arms>      a pair of spiked black leather armbands
<worn about body>   cloak of red dragon wing leather
<wielded>           a five-tailed whip

look Oook
Big ogre.  Real big.  With a pair of yellowed tusks any boar would
be proud to sport.  He grins at you, revealing a series of massive
teeth, chipped and stained from a life of eating things few people
would consider edible.  And possibly from eating a few people that
most things would not consider edible, either.  His dark pea-green
skin has the texture - and odor - of a bubbling swamp, and a black
top-knot sprouts from his head like an unkempt horse's tail.  "Now
me can sing for you!" he bellows.  "Me sing good!"

Oook is in perfect health.

Oook is using:
<used as light>     some phosphorus lichen
<worn around neck>  a bone necklace
<worn around neck>  (Woven) songs of power and three Names
<worn on body>      a catskin vest
<worn on head>      a nose ring
<worn on legs>      tattered trousers
<worn on feet>      some fur boots
<worn on hands>     rakasta claws
<worn on arms>      the feathered armbands of the hunter
<worn about body>   a tiger skin
<worn about waist>  a leather belt with skulls and scalps on it
<worn around wrist> catskin wristguards
<wielded>           a spear decorated with feathers
<held>              a small drum
<worn with pride>   a medal inscribed "TFC Explorer's Society"
<worn with pride>   several nasty-looking scars

look Bevier
Powerfully built, this half-elf is slightly taller than average and 
well muscled.  The callouses on his hands indicate his familiarity
with weaponscraft, and his posture would seem to confirm that impression.
Bushy black eyebrows seem to be trying to merge with a shock of curly
black hair.  Under them, his brown eyes shine, eminating his trusting
nature and devotion to his goddess, Clue.
Bevier won't win any beauty contests.
Bevier is in perfect health.

Bevier is using:
<used as light>     a tiny flame in a crystal orb
<worn on body>      a silver dragonscale torso
<worn on head>      a silver dragonscale helm
<worn on legs>      some silver dragonscale greaves
<worn on feet>      some silver dragonscale boots
<worn on hands>     some silver dragonscale gauntlets
<worn on arms>      some silver dragonscale vambraces
<worn about body>   massive wings of a silver dragon
<worn about waist>  a dragon scale girth
<worn around wrist> a dragon scale bracer
<worn around wrist> a dragon scale bracer
<held>              a distracting flicker of flame
<worn with pride>   a travelworn journal with quill pen

look Darkfang
The light sparkles and shines of the gold of her scales.
And plays beautifully along her wings.
Although almost blinding to look at, this is truely
a dragon to behold
DarkFang is in perfect health.

DarkFang is using:
<used as light>     a tiny flame in a crystal orb
<worn on body>      a dragonscale corselet
<worn on head>      a dragon scale helm
<worn on legs>      golden dragonscale leggings
<worn on feet>      golden dragonscale boots
<worn on hands>     golden dragonscale gauntlets
<worn on arms>      golden dragonscale sleeves
<worn about body>   massive wings of a gold dragon
<worn about waist>  a golden dragonscale girth
<worn around wrist> a dragon scale bracer
<worn around wrist> a dragon scale bracer
<wielded>           jagged claws of bone
<wielded off-hand>  jagged claws of bone
<worn with pride>   a travelworn journal with quill pen
<worn with pride>   an oval of polished tiger-eye

look Tamar
A touch of humanity shines forth briefly from the eyes of this beautiful 
black swan. She glances discreetly up at you now and again as she preens
her feathers.

Odette is in perfect health.

Tamar is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Tamar is in perfect health.

Tamar is using:
<worn around neck>  an obsidian amulet carved in the shape of a swan
<worn on body>      a pair of black feathered wings
<worn on head>      a mask shaped like a slender beak
<worn about body>   beautiful black feathers

look Wolfwood
"Nicholas D. Wolfwood at your service." The tall man ahead extends his large hand with a quick smile.
His grip is firm, a lifetime of work, his finger-nails oddly sharp, two small crossed quills sit on each sleeve.
The shape of his brow and face seems mixed with elven blood, high cheekbones that seem to cup
'the most interesting eyes you have ever seen. One is a sharp yellow, the type of eye a wolf would have.
The other is a faded red, the type of eye that is whispered in taverns and bars all over the land.
'But all of this is forgotten when he smiles that smile again, sharp teeth barely noticeable
He is taller than you first thought, well over six and a half feet, with broad shoulders and a slim midsection
'He is deathly pale, and you wonder if it would be polite to ask if he is sick. There is
no color in his cheeks, not a drop of crimson on his lips. If not for that smile, you'd think him dead.
Wolfwood won't win any beauty contests.
Wolfwood is in perfect health.

Wolfwood is using:
<worn on finger>    the ancient iron ring
<worn on body>      a poet's shirt
<worn on legs>      some skin-tight black pants
<worn on feet>      some soft soled black boots
<worn on hands>     some skin-tight black gloves
<worn about body>   an elegant black velvet doublet
<worn with pride>   a travelworn journal with quill pen

look Teren
A figure garbed in simple leathers of muted shades of grey, brown and green
stands quietly. Tight chestnut curls fall to his shoulders, held back by a 
dull silver circlet, and a short beard covers his jaw. He wears twin curved
blades, one sheathed at his hip, the other slung across his back. At his
waist opposite the sword hangs a filled quiver, and he holds an unstrung
longbow in his hands. His blue-green eyes meet yours and he smiles warmly.
Teren has a special twinkle in his eye.
Teren is in perfect health.

Teren is using:
<used as light>     a war banner
<worn around neck>  a grey silk cravat
<worn on body>      a snowy white poet shirt
<worn on head>      an eyepatch
<worn on legs>      snugly fitting black silk breeches
<worn on feet>      a pair of low-heeled suede boots
<worn around wrist> a studded leather bracer
<wielded>           a swashbuckler's sword
<worn with pride>   a travelworn journal with quill pen

look Eliste
You look up and you are entranced by two solid gems of soft earth.  All you can think is that 
they are the deepest eyes a woman can have. You feel yourself slowly slip deeper into her eyes. 
At the surface there is mirth and happiness and you hear echos of giggles.  As your heart 
swells with happiness you slip further into her eyes and a sharp piercing pain enters.  In the 
depths was sadness you see crystalline tears.  As your about to cry yourself you blink and her 
eyes release you.  Before you stands a small half elf maiden, as you look at her you can't help 
but notice the baby bear which sits at her feet.  She is a Roamanari, traveler of the road, to stay 
in one place is too much to ask of her. She notices that you have been staring at her,  she giggles 
and smiles.  You see that she is now dressed up as a mermaid.  She takes your breath away as she moves about the room.
Eliste is in perfect health.

Eliste is using:
<used as light>     a sea lantern
<worn on finger>    a sapphire droplet ring
<worn on finger>    the common pearl ring
<worn around neck>  the bright coral amulet
<worn on body>      a bodice of seashells
<worn on head>      a pink shell comb
<worn on legs>      a tight-fitting silver fishscale skirt
<worn on hands>     fishscale gloves
<worn around wrist> the flashy sea shell bracelet
<wielded>           a manta tail
<worn with pride>   a travelworn journal with quill pen
<worn with pride>   a lavender glass rose upon a silver stem