Lins: Dutch (European) Get Together.
Mon Feb 17 13:27:29 2003
To: all
Dear all,

Although none really tried to get things organized for the upcomming GT
It seemed some appointments have crystallized out during backroom discussions
For all who want to attend the GT, it will be in Amsterdam next Saturday (22nd of Februar).
We will gather around noon at the Vrijheidsmonument (try to pronounce that hehe) on the Dam.
The Vrijheidsmonument (monument of Freedom) on the Dam is the big monolith on the central
square of Amsterdam.
When you ask around for the directions of the Dam, don't have your stuff stolen, since
they (thieves) are looking forward to meeting you
If you have any questions... please feel free to post a note to me or Gytar, and we will
answer it.

If you are lost, or can't find it on Saturday, feel free to call me on my mobile:

For now, the only plans are to sightseeing Amsterdam a bit, and to play a game of
laserquesting in the early afternoon.
What happens more.. we'll see. Be there!

Gytar and Lins.