Cordir: : Mercantile dealings with Defenders
Sun Oct 19 10:09:11 2003
To: All Immortal Tiax Wisteria
FYI, Posted yesterday on my board:

It appears that Wisteria is purchasing items on behalf of the Wyld Hunt from
members of Fate. Therefore I am forbidding all and any sales to members of
the Defenders of the Sun.

If any immortal should see a member of Fate doing so, I ask that you log it
and bring it to my attention. To any Immortal who wants no dealings with Hunt,
I urge caution when governing mercantile issues with the Defenders.

I similarly caution mortals, when dealing with Wisteria or the Defenders.
I spoke to Tiax about this matter, the slant he put upon the situation
was that it was my follower's fault because they did not inquire if the
item was being purchased for resale to another, and thus there was no
deception on Wisteria's part... despite the fact that Kethran's note states
he would not sell to Hunt. Tiax also felt that because Wisteria made money
on the deal(s) she made, that it was an honest sale. I cannot agree with
his logic (?) - She did this knowingly: thus, deception and dishonesty.

Trade as you will, sell as you will - but do so with the knowledge that if
you bargain with Defenders, you may well be bargaining with Hunt.

Cordir, Ebon Bard, Triat Master, Weaver Incarna, Lady of Fate

(...can you believe a neutral bought something from one person and sold something to another? why didn't they pick a side? :P)