DarkClaw: A Public Apology
Tue Jul 22 15:47:02 2003
To: all
Last night I was a bit stubborn. In my eagerness
to meet my goal, as well as my excitement that I
was levelling so quickly, I refused to listen to
the advice of others, including the Lady Cordir.
By doing so, I wronged her, as well as angered her,
and for this I sincerely apologize. I also offer
my apologies to the other Chosen whose advice I did
not heed. Sometimes, in our haste to get somewhere,
we tend to be less cautious and more egotistical and
overconfident...which is what I was. Please accept
my apologies, Lady Cordir, and Chosen. Thank you.

Humbled Servant of the Triat,

Star k'Treva