Tynian: Coven an outlaw following
Sun Jan 12 16:12:17 2003
To: all
Bliss's following has hexed me. It is unfortunate, but as the law in
this realm, I feel I have no choice but to brand Bliss's following a
rebel following, and declare war upon them.

While I could take a direct hand in this, and destroy Bliss and each
and every one of her followers, that would be unsporting of me.

Instead, I am recruiting an army. I have appointed Slue as my general,
and have given him special wartime powers. He will coordinate attacks
on the more powerful Coven.

I ask the rest of you for your help when I am online. If you can get a
Bliss follower to give me a tell indicating that they surrender, I will
capture them. Bliss may then ransom for their return. Undertake this
at your own risk and costs, especially if you attack and/or kill one.
Her followers are worth much more to me alive, for I do not wish to see
them suffer any more than what is necessary. Instead, I seek the
surrender of the goddess herself. I will let you know if more extreme
measures will be necessary.

In addition, I would like a trade embargo imposed on the Coven. Please
do not trade with them.

All of these steps are voluntary, but your help would be appreciated.