An Unlikely Apprentice

I walked the road: the long, long, road...
And found myself in Midgaard.
And like a frog, or muddy toad,
I sat down in the wet and cold,
And watched the wagons on the road.

There came a man whose name you know,
And found me there, in Midgaard.
"I'm Kaern," said he, aglow
Amidst the rain (or was it snow?)
And assured me he was friend, not foe.

A ball of light, my only spell,
But there it fizzed, in Midgaard.
He asked me if was there, I dwelled,
Or some other fate and destiny held
And I only passed through Midgaard.

I tried again, and conjured light
In the deepening dusk of Midgaard
And he laughed aloud at my delight:
That I had power over night!
Till the dark snuffed out my light... in Midgaard.

He chuckled a bit and waved his hand,
And a light burst out in Midgaard.
He chortled a smirk, the man
Who blew out the night, with a have of his hand
And caused a bright light... in Midgaard

I gaped in awe, like a fish in the air,
And ignored all the noise in Midgaard,
He smiled awhile, and returned my stare,
Before he arose without a care,
And left knowing I was right there
And we were leaving Midgaard.