Tidus gossips (in common), 'to pink or not to pink'.

Gedix gossips (in dwarven), 'PINK!'.

Gedix gossips (in dwarven), 'PINK RULES!'.

Riella gossips (in common), 'even more then there already is?!?!?!'.

Tidus gossips (in common), 'uh..yo no hablo dwarven'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'any shamans who pink the realm shall be sent to 
talk to Ebencaleneezer...'.

Gedix gossips (in dwarven), 'oooh, a challenge!'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'Ebby loves pink'.

Someone gossips, 'Go forth shamans and pink the realm!'.

Riella gossips (in common), '*mutter*'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'I wish mages had 'blue' --> "you feel blue" .. (takes 
away all movement from shamans who walk in the room and used phosphate recently)'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'oooh, I like that...Idea that Lanny!'.

Heaven gossips (in common), 'YAY!!   i just pinked a zone for the first time'.

Gedix gossips (in dwarven), 'YAY HEAVEN!'.

Tiax gossips, 'And their alignment would switch?'.

Landric gossips (in common), 'congrts'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'nah.. Tynian will just 'smirk-'n-rift'... standard 
lanny procedure'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'nah'.

Clumsyfool gossips (in common), 'I think mages need to understand that pink is 
cool .. if youre a shaman '.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'they just stop regenning moves until an enterprising 
mage comes and kills them for the pink blasphemy'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'yah'.

Natilena gossips, 'but there is not an outfit in the world that pink goes well with'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'not that you need to worry about me doing it, cause 
I'm a cleric after all...'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'no pink undies?'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I prefer no undies, but have it your way...'.

Natilena gossips, 'well maybe if you were wearing just pink undies a pink aura 
might be ok'.

Landric gossips (in common), 'unless you're Reese Witherspoon?'.

Azeworai gossips (in common), 'pink is my favorite color!'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'who?'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'I don't mind the (pink)  one bit.. it's the glowing 
that annoy's the (BEEP) out of me'.

Alexis gossips (in common), 'I have glowing undies :) grin'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'LOL'.

Clumsyfool gossips (in common), 'think of it adding a glow of heatlh .. your in 
the pink as it were'.

Hiro gossips (in common), 'pennicillin pennicillin pennicillin'.

Riella gossips (in common), 'well pink just doesn't suits me very well :P'.

Tidus gossips (in common), 'look what i have started'.

Clumsyfool gossips (in common), 'perhaps Tynian will allow shamans to cast phosphate 
in different colors'.

Riella gossips (in common), 'hmm nice option ;)'.

Isolas gossips (in elven), 'Alignment based phosphate?'.

Heaven gossips (in common), 'yay  that would be cool'.

Clumsyfool gossips (in common), 'like the color of beer!!!! '.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'nah...'.

Tiax gossips, 'Beer!'.

Isolas gossips (in elven), 'Beer?!'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'c phosphate color flag'.

Isolas gossips (in elven), '*ears perk up*'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'yah Tidus... 'shaken' things up a bit 'shakespear''.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'c phos turquoise'.

Belsambar gossips (in common), 'I could live with that...'.

Heaven gossips (in common), 'every on would be runing around with a light blue 
aura  if i could do that'.

Lanfear gossips (in elven), 'hehe'.