the may 2003 chicago gt - day three

Some people had already gone home by this point, but several of us met up again. Guess where? Yes, in the lobby of the hotel.

Wylin having a little tail of the dog, and wearing sunglasses indoors.
Lania wishing people would quit taking her picture, and Natilena looking like the cheery morning person she must be.

We decided on an 11:30 breakfast at Dunkin Donuts/Togos, to be followed by the Sears Tower tour and then the Cubs game for those that were staying even later.

The sign speaks for itself.

Walking towards the tower.
From the base of the tower.

Our friendly elevator guides, Wunk & Keat. (Who knew Keat would be there?)

It's a LONG way down... I was really glad there wasn't a glass elevator.

After the Sears Tower, we lost a couple more of the group (Katrana & Solaron) but hey, at least we didn't lose them AT the tower. The remaining people (Wylin, Lorax, Triston, Lania, Natilena, Tokugawa & me) then headed to the ballgame. It was Cubs vs. the Rockies, and we got there about the third inning cause we spent too much time at the tower. But it was still great! Wrigley Field is amazing, I loved it. The Cubs were good too :P

Lania, Natilena, Wylin & Triston watching the game.

The view from our seats. It looked closer in person!

There were lots and lots of foul balls. I kept waiting for one to bang into the metal post nearby.

The Cubs won! In an extra inning, no less. That's almost unbelievable.

And even more unbelievable, the sign at Wrigley Field.

After the game there were only the four of us (me, Toku, Natilena & Lania) so we went out for dinner at the Italian Village. It started to rain a little but we managed to escape it for the most part. After supper we hung out in Natilena's room til very late, after we'd given up on getting the computer to work in the lobby. Lania is hereby crowned the official remote control queen. I'm sure the 3 of us frustrated her to no end, since every time she'd ask if we'd seen such and such a show, we'd all chime in with "no, we don't watch TV".

And finally, Day Four.

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