the may 2003 chicago gt - day two

We ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Yes, there's one like 5 minutes from our house, but it's important to fly all the way to Chicago before managing to eat there for the first time. They have some kind of dessert there (a "volcano") that apparently requires lots of screaming and shouting just before it can be released flaming from the kitchen. Guess where we sat? Yes, RIGHT next to the kitchen. So at intervals we'd all cower and jump when the screams started.

Here's Katrana & Solaron making their way thru the Rainforest jungle on the way to our table. There was also a fish-fight, but I don't think anyone got that on film. It sure entertained the clerk there though.

Chairs! The non-shoppers take refuge in chairs while Lania, Natilena and I seek out bargains. (Or at least cool clothes.)

Solaron thought the shopping trip was worthwhile after we saw this sign.

After walking about halfway down to Navy Pier during the course of shopping, we turned around and went right back to the hotel to meet up with everyone again. Someone (I hate to admit it might have been me? Surely it was someone else) suggested that we should just walk to the pier since we'd already done half the distance already and it wasn't that bad. Well, that darn pier kept moving. Farther and farther away with every step. We'd go one direction, and then have to go back the other, etc, etc. But we finally got there and found several smart people who'd apparently taken mass transit or a car SITTING there waiting for us.

Finally closing in on Navy Pier.

Walking down the pier.

Edge wearing imp invis eq.

I pumped my detect invis and finally saw Edge.

The group at the pier. You can figure out who everyone is :)

After the pier we headed to Connie's Pizza (yum!). Some portaled, some went by car, some (like us) went by bus and were grateful for the chance to rest our overworked feet.

On the bus on the way to Connie's, where Natilena doled out
gum that was variously described as "not that bad", "minty",
"burning cold", and "no thanks, I don't want to try it". She
almost got rid of it too. Almost.

Wylin at Connie's. I mean, Wylin's beer at Connie's. Same difference?

Talking before supper comes. Many people got beer, some got pops (not soda, right Lania?) and some got water. But most everyone got pizza :)

After Connie's we went back to the hotel and talked for a long long time. I conked out kinda early (about one-ish) but I heard there were people there til 4. Or was it 5? It gets later every time I hear about it. As someone pointed out on the forum, the hotel was very cool and did not mind having a large group of people bringing their own drinks in and making lots of noise in the lobby until the wee hours of the morning. Speaking of the lobby, we had quite a time deciding where to meet after Connie's. The original idea was to go back to the hotel "for a little while" before going to Dave & Busters, but once we sat down at the hotel that idea kind of went bye-bye. The only problem was that a few people had already gone by car to Dave & Busters. So Solaron got ahold of one of their cell phones, which was then passed to Wylin (Beer!). Wylin uh, was having a good time (Beer!) and we could hear the both sides of the entire conversation. After Soloran said about 5 times that we should all meet in the lobby, Wylin (Beer!) finally asked "So, we're meeting in the lobby?". Solaron said yes, and on that reassuring note of understanding we all headed down to the lobby. And eventually Wylin et al found us. In the lobby, of all places...

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