the may 2003 chicago gt - day two

On Saturday we all met up in the lobby to prepare for shopping. Solaron had taken it upon himself to create name tags for everyone. (Somehow not all of them stuck to people, I can't imagine why.) One person (Triston) complained that they had the wrong aura and should have been red, but he wore his anyway. Quite a few people wandered around Chicago that day with their mudnames plastered to various articles of clothing.

Good thing it was a big lobby, because there were lots of mudders there. Here's a collage of everyone else I hounded in the lobby before shopping until I got their picture:

Top, left to right:  Lorax, Myronides, Tokugawa, Kylanae, Wylin
Middle, left to right:  Lania, Inthar, Isolas, Katrana, Boyardee
Bottom, left to right:  DarkClaw, Vorax, Triston, Natilena, Wunk

So after meeting up, we prepared to head out. Here's a few photos of the preparations:

Katrana's eq. Natilena also wore sandals part of the time. WHAT were they thinking?

Lorax looking the warmest he EVER did. Usually he was a huddled mass of shivers. (Wow, someone colder than me?)

Natilena the location quest queen showing poor lost Marisa where the best shopping is on the map (while Triston wonders what he's gotten himself into).

And finally, PROOF! (No, no, not of Vorax's and Solaron's "relationship". Get your mind out of the gutter!) It's proof that Vorax passed out hugs for Bliss!

The group then split up into shoppers, those who got dragged shopping, and those who escaped and wandered around who knows where til we met up later at Navy Pier. So Toku, me, Natilena, Lania, Katrana & Solaron headed off to shop. (Yeah ok, Solaron was muttering "Shopping? Shopping?" under his breath, but big deal. We placated him by agreeing to stop to eat first.) I have no clue where the rest of the group disappeared to. Someone fill me in!

We saw this sign A LOT. Walking. Walking. Walking. Walking. Our new theme!

Crossing one of the many bridges over the Chicago river on the way to eat.

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