Okk: Yes, another...
Sat Jun 22 19:22:54 2002
To: Thaygar Cordir all

"Young Shaman"
by Nakka

For Thaygar
whom I miss


if I were to take away your name...
who would you be?

...you would be you

if I were to take away your eyes...
how would you see?

...like you always do

if I were to take away your flesh...
how would your soul survive?

...how would a fish, if he were thrown into water?

close your eyes and speak of Truth
take my hand and come with me
climb the Ladder of Daggers and see
your bleeding hands...

...aren't real at all

you are *you*, not anyone
and anything you can become
feel your soul for the very first time
and look down on the pretty game...

...that has become our prison

greater than hatred is laughter
stronger than force is a grin
know who you are
know what you're doing...

...and win