Grale: Wilting in the Light
Mon Apr 15 17:37:17 2002
To: All

Let it never be said that those who walk in darkness are
unfettered by the state of perception that condition implies.
The way such lost souls represent themselves to the world will
thus be constrained by the fact that in Darkness there is
nothing that reflect any semblance of light, let it be truth,
compassion, charity, or justice. The delusions and insidious
visions spawned in the dark places of the soul are devoid of
such finer things, and as such when the striking of steel rings
with the song of truth and light, they are unable to hear it's
glorious chimes.

When a quill is set to parchment in the unending quest for a
fuller understanding of the world and of the soul, light is
cast upon matters for which there is little hope. When a sword
is raised in righteous anger to strike down that which would
suborn the light of knowledge shed by the followers of the our
Lord, the justice of our cause is plain to see. Let the darkness
know our anger at the endless encroachment of it soul-destroying
incarnations -- the black rose shall thus be shorn of its petals
to make way for the justice of the wise.

Astral Guide of Wisdom