Tynian: Official TFC web site remodeled, new webmaster
Sat Apr 20 17:26:09 2002
To: all
I am pleased to announce that the official TFC website has been redesigned
by Ryan Holmes, and is now available at http://mud.primenet.com/tfc/.
The site looks really sharp, in my opinion, and I am happy that we have
a new look, after several years of no substantial changes to the site.

Marisa the Enchanted has agreed to become the TFC Webmaster, and will now
maintain the site. She went through the time-consuming and tedious
process of integrating a number of pages into the new design, verifying and
updating all of the links, and correcting other problems.

My thanks to Ryan Holmes for the redesign and to Marisa for her efforts
in bringing the new site online and maintaining it.