Tynian: Version 3.99
Sun Jun 16 20:47:13 2002
To: all
Game now displays the last time you logged in, and from what site.

Created an advice channel, which Algenara uses to give advice to
newbies. 'channel -advice' turns it off. Right now, there are very few
advice messages, especially for levels 1-2, but it is a starting point.

Fixed a bug where a mob's (long) description could not be manually
set by a god+.

Created 'advice' command, which allows FLI+ to create advice
messages for newbies. Once a message is completed, a god+ sets the
level range applicable to the advice message.

Started working on bard's magic system.

Re-wrote the way TFC accesses the backend database to be somewhat
more robust and flexible.

Fixed a bug where some unjust kills were not showing up correctly
in the individual pk stats.

Lowered the PK range to level 5.

Those that are unjustly PKed between the levels of 5 and 9 will
not lose their equipment. Instead, they will still be wearing it when
they go to the death repop point. Justified kills and kills by mobs are
excluded, and will result in an equipment-filled corpse.

Unjust attacks and kills on pacifists and reprisalists influence
who can attack a killer.

FLI Power Ratings are now determined across all FLIs, as opposed
to being done seperately based on PK model.

Modified FLI Power Ratings to better account for new followings.

Set Gavin's temple door.