Tynian: Version 3.93
Sun Apr 28 13:16:57 2002
To: all
Created the concept of individual PK classification. This
classification is based on an individual's RECENT justified and
unjustified attack and kill record. See HELP PK CLASSIFICATION for more
information. Note that all unjustified attacks and kills had to be
mapped somewhere, so they will show that you attacked or were attacked
by vigilantes. New attacks should be properly classified.

Score now shows your PK classification.

Consider now shows an opponent's PK classification.

Relics and fetishes should no longer be deadly to those less than
10th level. Posted idea.

Re-worked giant-kin detect magic ability to show the magic
strength, like the spell does. This is untested, as giant-kin can be
difficult to find. Adapted from posted idea.

Failed recalls that fling you to the ground now fling you to the
ground instead of fling you into a standing position. Posted idea.

Make bag now uses shaman levels only to determine size of the bag,
as opposed to effecitve level. Posted idea.

Fixed an issue with mobhunt that caused a new game announcement to
occur, even when there was already a game in progress.

Changed the background for the TFC online statistics to use the
new web site background (http://mud.primenet.com/tfc/tfcstats.html).