Tynian: Version 3.106d
Mon Sep 23 01:06:59 2002
To: all
Quiet should now block the receipt of tells.

Immortal 'MORTALWHO' config option will avoid displaying invis

Range command should now work correctly for levels 5-9.

Fixed Immortal peek, so that mortals can't see Immortals do it.

Fixed the meditate skill, so that a successful meditation yields
better regeneration than sleeping.

Decreased penalty for mediation failure, particularly for higher
level shamans.

'put all' now tells you when item(s) won't fit in a container.

FLIs can no longer 'drop all'.

It is now possible to give a mortal items that they cannot see
because they are blind.

It's possible to fill a container with liquid without the
container being empty, so long as the liquid is the same type
Fixed bug that caused items stolen from mortals by god+s shattered
because of alignment.

Removed PK range check from the newbie corpse protection code.

Added new god+ option to mset, addattack, which manually adds an
attack to a mob for a PC. Used to set hunt for archmage mobs.

Applicable practices should be reimbursed when a FLI accepts a

Adjusted weight factors for some material types.

Waterbreath amulets/spells should no longer interfere with

Mortal infos should no longer display death messages for Immortal
kills, if that Immortal is invisible.

Multikilling as a result of meteor swarm no longer results in
permanent debt.

Fixed a problem that caused mobs to pray for transportation

Disarm now takes both nodrop and noremove into account.

Adjusted the regular debt penalty for multikilling down.

Godgifted items that drop into a room become un-godgifted.

Fixed a problem where tells would be inappropriated routed, due to
the name abbreviation code.

Socials are now logged for comm/cmdlogs.

Faerie fire now negates invis/improved invis.

You no longer get a fjust for haunting yourself.

The power of rift has been increased for FLIs.

Fixed ventroloquate to work correctly with abbreviations.

If you are flying, you are not put to the rest position when you
bad recall.

Fixed vampiric touch to work correctly with cloak of protection.

Auto-retired FLIs' finfo records should be made invisible to
mortals automatically.

Changed the mobmastery command so that the command by itself shows
the status of a mobmastery. mobmastery start starts a new mobmastery

Added a few more random item descriptions.

Fixed bug with random scrolls that caused memorize to work

Adjusted the general weights for some random wear locations.

Engage should now succeed more often.

Mish now displays an appropriate message if you fail to mention
the item you wish to act upon.

Experience gain/loss of one point should say that you gained/lost
1 experience point, not points.

Removed restriction that caused good OMs' wimpy value to be set to
zero. This was a historical artifact of the old Paladin code.