Tynian: Version 3.103
Sun Jul 14 19:38:42 2002
To: all
Changed the nature of assist (HELP ASSIST). By default, assist
now only works when mobs (NPCs) attack you. If a PC attacks the person
you are assisting, you will *not* automatically engage the attacker.
This allows you to decide whether jump into the fight directly as an
unjustified attack, or stay out of the fight and cast beneficial spells
on the defender. ASSIST [name] ALL will allow you to automatically
assist against both NPCs and PCs automatically, and was assist's
behavior previous to this change.

It's now possible to abbreviate mob and PC names in many
instances. For instance, 'dragon' could be shortened to 'dra' or even
'd'. The first PC or mob that matches the your input will be used. It
is possible to use the numeral dot format to specify others in a room.
For instance, '3.d' would match the third mob or PC starting with the
letter 'd'. THIS IS SOMEWHAT RISKY, since it may match a mob or PC that
you did not anticipate. Exact name matches will match first, so if
there are 'magi' and 'magicians' in the same room, and you specify 'kill
magi', the magi will be attacked, not the magician, even if it is the
first listed in the room. In short, it is safer to use the mob's or
PC's full name. If you're lazy, abbreviate, and something bad happens,
you've kind of asked for it. :-)