Tynian: Version 3.100
Tue Jun 25 18:15:48 2002
To: all
Added the ability to 'collect' messages. See HELP COLLECT for
more information. This command stores a few back messages from the
channel(s) you specify, for later retrieval.

Some individual PK rankings are available via the 'rank' command.
The difference between 'rank' and HELP RANKING is that 'rank' is updated
periodically while the game is running, while HELP RANKING updates only
at reboot. As for the statistics themselves, they are generated from
'recent' PK stats. The 'wanted', 'punishers', and 'oppressed' ranks are
mutually exclusive, meaning you should only appear on a maximum of one
of these. The 'justified' rank scores on justified attacks/kills.

Adjusted the range penalty for attacking and/or killing non-PKers.

Increased the effectiveness of magic resistance.