Bliss: Valentine Contest Winners!
Thu Feb 14 16:28:30 2002
To: all

First, let me thank everyone who entered the contest. You all did great!
There were a total of 12 entries, and of those, here are the 3 winners :

1st Place: "Three Kisses" by Drystan
2nd Place: Untitled poem by Grale
3rd Place: "The Top 10 Reasons Thieves Love Valentine's Day" by Nyx

I'll be posting some or all of the winning entries a little bit later, so stay tuned.
The winners can now feel free to pester, annoy, and distress Lord Tokugawa for
their prizes. I am not responsible for any riftage :P

A very special thanks to the three judges who volunteered their time,
and to Tokugawa for the prizes. Yay you!

Congratulations to the winners and ....

P.S. Chocolate makes a good Valentine's gift *cough*
and here are the winning entries:

1st place - "Three Kisses", by Drystan

2nd Place - untitled poem, by Grale
You smile
And the sun reveals its face
To greet your guileless wonder
With its rays of gold;

You laugh
And oceans toss their waves
Into the sky respondiing
Happily in kind;

You dance
And the ground shakes gently
Shuddering with unbridled glee
At that joyful touch;

You sigh
And wind blows through the trees
Who rustle with contentment
At that blessed breath;

You cry
And rain falls to the eart
As clouds weep softly to sooth
Your pain with love;

You sleep
And stars shine brightly
To enfold your gentle rest
In radiant silver arms;

I took
These pieces of the world
And taught them how and why
My heart belongs to you....

3rd Place - "The Top 10 Reasons Thieves Love Valentine's Day", by Nyx
The Top 10 Reasons Thieves Love Valentine's Day:
10: Men carry more 'liftable' jewelry than at any other time of the year.
9: Couples making kissy-faces on the side of the road rarely pay attention to their saddlebags.
8: No jingling bells.
7: Stolen hearts... and kisses.
6: When you hide in the room with the lights off, you aren't alone.
5: A distinct lack of noisy fireworks.
4: No one _adds_ lights to their houses.
3: Dark, mysterious chocolates.
2: One word: silk.
1: [The compilers of this list regret to inform that the number one reason has been stolen. We
apologize for the inconvenience.]

other entries (in no particular order)

"Comfortable Bliss" by Natilena
Comfortable Tree
Lying in Leaves
Tickling Breeze
Warm Sun
Glistening Damp Skin
Pulling Me Close
Your Smile
Sweet Elven Wine
Gentle Touch
Elven Kiss
Eternal Bliss

"Letter To Tiberius", by Kaleyah
Dearest Tiberius,
Our union has been one that has caused me much heartache and grief, and yet I cling to you for
comfort and the strength to face each new day. Sometimes I catch myself wondering what could have
been had we not met, and I always arrive at the same conclusion. I cannot fathom where I would be
without your strong arms locked around me in an embrace that rivals a titan's grip; no, I cannot
imagine the cold and desolate world without you. But alas, my love, we are on opposite ends of the
blade of fate. You have your convictions, and I have mine. Your heart is pure and honorable, but I fear
my lust for worldly pleasures far exceeds my ability to control it. Only in our dreams are we free from
our masters, free from the responsibilities that bind us in life. Our love transcends each of our ideals
and better judgement. We cannot hear anything but the beatings of our own hearts. I will love you all the
days I am able, and I will stay yours until we are wrested from this plane. But until next we meet, memories
of you will keep me warm, like a campfire in this cold, dark world.

Untitled poem, by Dunestripe
Your eyes shine far brighter
Than the stars of countless nights
Even as the fog and rain
Cloud my precious sight

And though our time together is short
What we have is true
A love unfettered by the world
Where you have me, and I have you

In crevices in our hearts
Are thoughts no one can see
And within every thought and breath
Are a world of possibilities

I may not be of the strongest caste
Or wield powers feared throughout
But with you by my side I know
These thoughts I shall cast out

Even if my path is brief
Upon this mortal coil
The love you have provided me
No forces can despoil

Amid the chaos of our lives
I find solace in your touch
I can only hope that in your heart
My love means half as much

As I look into your eyes
My world unfolds before me
Visions of moments spent with you
As far as the eye can see

And though the way may twist and turn
And the path be long
The pyre of my devotion to you
Will eternally burn

Untitled poem, by Sleighty
As I sit and gaze at the shimmering moon,
I sit, ponder, and hope to see thee soon.
I realize that I shall not see thee tomorrow
so I will sit here and cry is sorrow.
Sadness comes when thou art naught near.
thou art mine true love, my one dear.

"Tonight", by Kaori
She lay in bed, staring at the ceiling with her hands
beneath her head. Countless thoughts ran back and forth in the
recesses of her mind, as she lay beside her lover several
hours after their moment of passion. A moment, compared to the
countless years that seemed to elapse without him. She turned
to face him, his handsome face emotionless in a deep slumber.
In the blue moonlight, she imagined his chiseled features,
reconstructing his face from her memory and her touch, as she
ran her fingers gently down his cheek.
Their chemistry was intense, their passion extreme.
There were days when he would find her when he was not at
work, and take her to their secret places. He would shower her
with small trinkets of their love, and whisper in her ear all
those sweet words that melt the most stern of hearts. And they
would reminisce about the past and share the contents of their
hearts. Uninhibited, free to say whatever they wanted. And
then they would head home, and do the things that lovers do
She would sometimes yearn for his touch when they were
apart. She would run her fingers through her own hair,
imagining him doing the same. His kisses were like drops of
sunshine that would illuminate the day, and the warmth of his
breath against her neck would beckon her into his arms. His
voice echoed in her mind long after they parted ways, and kept
her company as they went about their own duties. But they
would always find each other in the night, when the rigors of
the day set with the sun, nestled in their roost until the
next day. They hungered for each other. They thirsted for one
another. And in those twilight hours, there was no one else in
the world. Nothing else mattered.
But when he is not her lover he scares her. Sometimes
that same voice that whispers words of passion in the darkness
yells, piercing her heart with his lack of concern. His gentle
hands sometimes strikes her in the heat of a disagreement, and
he always apologizes and curses at his inability to control
his anger. She always accepts these apologies, and forgives
him for his harsh words.
She cries about him more than she would like to, but
she can't bear the thought of letting him go. She tried once,
but it was just too hard. Her heart refused to accept that it
meant she would never feel his touch again, and her tongue
didn't allow her to say those words that would end things. And
so she lives trying not to say things make him want to leave.
She cries when he is asleep, because there is only so much you
can hold inside, secret from the world. He is her everything,
and if he asked her to give up everything else, he knows she
would not hesitate.
He rolls to his side, away from her unseen touch. He
thinks about his life, and his lover between sleep and dream,
her beauty fading quickly with time. He does not love her, but
he is addicted to her. Her passion intoxicates him, her body
his temple to which he pays homage nightly. But though they
have known each other for years, he cannot see into her heart.
They lie in bed, oblivious to the world outside. They
imagine each other in the darkness, and he smiles, content
with what they have. She quietly sheds a tear. She needs him.
He makes her important, he gives her purpose. Her eyes blink
slowly as she drifts into a light sleep. She will love him
for all of his faults and imperfections. But mostly she will
just love him.

"The Weathered Rose", by Garland to DarkClaw
This weathered rose, both brave and strong,
has been through hardships, far too long.
Though storms and chaos, it has seen,
it's spirit stayed pure, not wicked or mean.
Exposed to the powers of dark and light,
in life it chose a neutral fight.
To heal those troubled souls of war,
it's Fate predestined long before.
This rose of love, of life, of might,
will do its part, to stand and fight.
To the weathered rose, I say to thee,
let that pure spirit, bind to me.......

"Voice", by Ephiny
Laughter...light tinkling of a silver bell.
Spoken...soft, sweet, pitched for my ears alone....
Low and breathy as you whisper those words we say so often...
clouding my mind, Stealing my heart.
"I love you."

Untitled poem, by Ebonie
the empty pages of missing poems
exalting in you
surprised me greatly...
until i realized the reason for the blankness of the paper:
you are above my poetry
you are above my words.
nothing i could say could do you justice
so i don't dare try
lest those who sent you
smite me and my unworthy pen.
i am an actress, not a poet
but even if i stood in the grace of melpomene
i could hardly bring to light
the divine and messianic angel that you are.
i am a musician, not a poet
but erato's lyre lies useless in singing your praise.
polyhymnia and i
have exhausted our resources,
so let suffice to say i love you.

"Valentine Haiku", by Clue
Floating softly,
the yellow flutterby carries my love
to your heart.