Tynian: Re: Questions About Kain's Death [repost to 'all']
Sun Aug 4 10:20:53 2002
To: all
I receently received a note from a player, regarding Kain being PKed. I
responded directly to that player. I have been asked to repost my note
to 'all'. The original inquiry:

> I'm curious how members of Coven found a Lockable notrans room Just one
> day after the zone was installed. I'm even more Curious as to why Bliss
> would put this on one of the few higher level Xp zones. virtually making
> the zone non-usuable I See the room has now been changed back to
> recallable. but thats a little late for Kain don't you think? I am not
> the only one asking these questions, but I thought I would address mine
> and others concerns to the immortal staff.
> Oh I just realized this can be misinterpeted. I am not accusing Bliss of
> doing anything wrong or anyone. just looking for some answers.

My response:

Tokugawa's unavailable for a couple of days, so I thought I would address
a couple of points in your note.

The zone in question was installed on Monday evening. Kain was killed
early Friday morning. The zone was in play for over 3 days prior to
Kain being killed. Kain was apparently in the zone to kill Mon, and had
attacked Mon a few times prior to Kain's own death.

Vex was the one that killed Kain. Between Monday evening when the area
was installed, and Friday morning when Kain was killed, Vex had logged
over 39 hours. Spell, who was also in the area at the time of Kain's
death, had logged over 37 hours. It seems plausible to me, given the
amount of time that both characters were online, that they discovered
the room and its nature. The room itself gives some hint that it is may
be special, and its nature would be easy enough to test.

I am not going to second-guess either Bliss or Tokugawa. I will say
that an area builder typically builds an area in order to be played, not
just to look pretty. It is a _lot_ of work, and zone authors generally
want people to enjoy their zones.

I will also point out that when the area coordinator has an issue with a
given room or area, he or she takes corrective action. I would surmise,
but I don't know for sure, that someone complained about the nature of
the room in question. Tokugawa considered the complaint, and made
changes based on player feedback.

Finally, it's easy to imply that things are not above board, or to
question the motives of area writers, or question why things aren't your
concept of perfection out of the chute. I don't buy into any of these
implications. Frankly, any new area (and even some old areas) can and
do have elements that make them dangerous. It's up to the players to
decide whether to venture into ANY area, and thus accept the risks,
known and unknown. It's an interesting contradiction that some people
take exception when 1 hit point rooms are made safe, and other such
'easy kill' opportunities are taken away, and yet others complain that
it wasn't soon enough. Consider it [these risks] the nature of the game.

Thanks for bringing your concerns to our attention.