Tynian: Your corpse, Alex
Mon Aug 12 20:25:06 2002
To: all
I'm beginning to get my feelings hurt, Alex. You and I talked over a
week ago, when you indicated to me that you logged in without any
equipment, after being fully equipped the last time you played.
Intrigued, I checked the game logs, and found that you died to yourself.
This is consistant with dying to disease, or from being mortally
wounded, or any other death that doesn't involve another player or
NPC/mob. When you asked, I told you that I wasn't sure how you were
killed, exactly, only that you died, and that it wasn't to a mob or
another player. I even gave you the exact time of death. You then
asked me who got your corpse, which I didn't know (and wouldn't tell
you, if I did).

So, 3 days later, you post a note to god, indicating that you didn't
know what happened, and neither did I, but you were equipped with a nice
set of equipment on the old server, yet on the new server, you were
naked. You then explain how it couldn't have been disease, since you
logged in with 150 hit points.

My first reaction upon seeing this is that you were hoping for a better
answer, ignoring the fact that I told you more than any other god would
know, unless they were in the room with you when you died, and ignoring
that I told you that you _had_ died. Nonetheless, I reasoned that you
did recently die, and that it's very upsetting to lose a nice set of
equipment, and even more so when you don't know exactly how, or who has
your stuff... or even if it still exists.

A few days later, Cordir mentions that you were affected by a bug that
caused all of your equipment to disappear. I sighed inwardly. You may
have forgotten to mention to her that you and I had talked about this.
I assumed that you probably summarized for her, and skipped past the
part where we talked about it, and that I told you that you died. I
filled her in on our conversation.

Then you posted a note to all, asking who took your corpse. Seemed like
a reasonable question, though I doubted anyone would step forward with

Then you reposted it today, pointing out how you couldn't have died.

Perhaps I read something into the note that wasn't there. It's almost
as if you don't believe what I told you. But, perhaps that isn't the
message you were trying to convey. Perhaps, there has simply been a
misunderstanding. Let me summarize:

You died. This isn't speculation, nor is it an educated guess. I know
it's not what you want to hear. I know you'd like to hear what kind of
non-player/non-mob death got you. I can't help you there, either. I
decided to take a look around, and I can tell you that at least some of
your equipment has found (a) happy home(s).

I can also tell you that the only way your equipment could have been
lost when we came onto the new server is if it vibrated out of your
player file and into the back seat of my car on the ride over to FastQ,
since we're on the same server that we were on with the old connection.
I'll check my back seat, but I'm pretty sure I'd notice a bunch of nice
equipment back there. :-)



Galadadrid gossips (in common), 'can I get those spare 3dams from your back seat, Tyn?'.

Tynian gossips, 'I went out and double-checked. sigh'.

Galadadrid gossips (in common), 'dang'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'what kinda car is it? I could see something like a set of eq disapearing in my honda civic'.