Tylorn: My death to Vex and Allanon
Tue Dec 31 14:18:27 2002
To: All
Just to set the record straight and maybe keep their bragging in some sort of check
I died to Vex and Allanon today. I play from work, as most of you know, and when someone comes to my desk
I am obviously required to go afk/afw(via alt/tab). Well today happen to be one of those times.
I was out of safe in a sanctified room and they know the little trick that breaks sanctify and were able to do that and kill me.
Yes it is a risk I take playing from work and today Vex and Allanon happened to catch me at a very opportune time for them.
So as they say "@#$& happens", oh well, enjoy the gear guys and please don't brag too much, you really
didn't do much, you killed someone AFK.