Tycho: Top ten signs that you've been mudding too much....
Fri Jul 19 17:50:13 2002
To: all
#1: You've attempted to 'playerkill' someone in real life.
#2: You often refer to yourself as your mud alias.
#3: You're 23 and you have arthritis.
#4: When asked at work or school why an assignment is late, you
respond by saying, "Sorry, lost my link".
#5: You can pronounce the word 'Rofl', and often do.
#6: When getting up from the dinner table to go use the rest room
you say to your family, "AFK for a sec"
#7: You've recently been fired.
#8: You've recently been divorced.
#9: You've recently been evicted and bankrupted, but somehow
still have a computer and ethernet connection.
#10: ...given the former 9, you still go to sleep each night (or day) with a big
smile on your face.
Lins: Sign 11
Sat Jul 20 13:33:15 2002
To: all
This works only for non-English speaking people
Note 11: You type 'nod' on MSN when talking to Dutch people.
Ghazkull: sign 12
Sat Jul 20 14:20:06 2002
To: all
You turn your head to one side when smiling or frowning at people =) =(
Aslan: or...
Sat Jul 20 18:57:42 2002
To: all
Or, when typing notes to computer minimalists, you have
to think twice when making smiley faces.. instead of

;-)... you are forced into typing, er writing

| |