Thunderoad: Traveling with Elves
Fri Jan 25 20:31:32 2002
To: all
Another evening wandering through the realms,...aimlessly,..when I met a
passing elf mageling, by the name of Maxcivio. I must say, I was wary at
first site of him,...but then we exchanged friendly greetings,...My elvish is
terrible,..but we seemed to be able to communicate well enough. Although,
there are dark thieves lying in wait behind every corner of the realms, I
agreed to accompany him on a journey to the Kobold mines. On the way,...we
encountered another elf, his name was Zappa,..another mage,...together we
braved the infamous kolbold fortress, and slew many of the worthless fiends
Until it was time to get back to Midgaard, and there we parted ways,...But I
shall never forget our little adventure, and I hope its an omen of things to