Tranquility: GT, Arizona, May 18th - A Saturday
Tue Apr 23 14:37:39 2002
To: all
I have spoken to many about the GT so far. Several that I know must drive a fair
distance to make it here, so Saturday was chosen as the best day for that reason.
We are unsure as to location yet, but the original intent was to hold it at my
home, however, the bigger it gets, the smaller my apartment feels, so it remains
to be seen.

For those of you that know me, my husband and I will be moving from Arizona to
Oregon in July of this year, so this will be the last opportunity we have to
meet many of the locals we have come to know, love, hate, whichever :)

All emails should be sent to Pictures will be taken
and posted directly after the GT, available for about 2 weeks before the site
is taken down due to our move. This game, and local, has been joy in our lives
for 7 years. I am profoundly grateful that the visit of a friend gave me the
excuse I needed to do this.


So far the *possible* attendees include: Tokugawa, Marisa, Tripper, Cordir,
Blystur, Kennet, Jahiliya, Nyx, Majere, Kain, Tirant, Tien, Foolkiller,
Ptarchyzk and a few others that I hope to persuade :) More details to come.