Cordir: The Time for Oaths
Sun Dec 29 16:23:13 2002
To: All who would share their joy

For all things, there comes a time and season.
Long has their bond been acknowledged, and their
love known to all that know them.

Garland and Star K'Treva wish to invite all who
would uphold the dignity and solemnity of their
vows to one another to a ceremony, to be held on
January 11, 2003, at the noon hour (system time).

At that time, they will pledge their troth and
devotion to one another. Guests are invited to
meet them alongside Mysterra falls, on the
Southern Continent.

Reception to follow in the Storytelling Amphitheater.

Formal attire is requested. Hecklers will be
ousted in the harshest manner possible.