Thunderoad: Thunder and Maxcivio
Sun Jan 27 17:51:12 2002
To: all
And so, I continued my travels, back and forth across the continent. Again
and again I broke from my usual paths into strange, and treacherous
adventures. Once rising all the way to the top of a mountain, atop of which
stood the city of the Giant Kin,...I was driven back by the guards, and
chased down into the Eastern Plains, and there goblin riders found me,...and
persued on the vicious Warg Mounts. I prayed to Cordir, to let the fates be
kind to me,...but they were not,...I lost all my food, and water,...and my
potions of recall were scattered all over the forest. I was literally
straving, when I collapsed at the Lizard Swamp. I cursed my ill luck,...and
fainted,...when a blurry vision came before me,...seemingly hours later,...It
was Maxcivio, my old elven friend,...I greeted him in my rough elvish,...He
motioned for me not to speak, but produced waybread, and water, and potions
of recall! After an hour or so I had regained a little strength. "Friend..."
I said to him, "Thank Cordir! you passed this way, I was nearly dead!" He
smirked, "Indeed,...and now I think we should travel together for a while,
until you are well." And so we did,..I lead him back to the goblin mines I
had found earlier, and we slew many, he with his magic, and I with my old
mace. We were traveling ever downward,...deeper into the goblin complex. When
finally, we turned a corner, and before us, stood a most gruesome goblin. His
head was huge, and battle scarred, and he was drivling pus from every orphus.
"E-gad!" exclaimed Maxcivio, "Surely this fellow is much too ugly to live?"
I concured, and we struck in togother,...sparks and flame shot from Maxcivios
fingertips, as I bashed and smashed away on the goblins helm,...He stood
there absorbing blows like they were so many flies buzzing about him. "He'll
get the better of us Maxcivio! Perhaps a retreat is in order here?" I cried
amidst the tumult of the battle. Maxcivio turned to escape,..and was hammered
from behind and fell to the earth,...I cried in dismay,...but all was not
lost for at that very moment,...the Elven Ranger Drazuk appeared! And he cut
the goblin down like grass! "Hell-o!" he said, "whats all this?" asked Drazuk
"A bit more than we could handle to say the least, sir,...but I'm glad you
came along,...whats your name?" I asked. "His name..." said Maxcivio, "Is
Drazuk, and he seems to have a knack for everything but timing!" Maxcivio was
rubbing his head, and wincing,..."Well..." said Drazuk, "Its not my fault you
got yourself pummeled bungling around the goblin mines!" And then many cries
were heard echoing throughout the mines! "Lets get out of here, shall we?"
said Drazuk,...and we scurried out to the surface,...I was glad to feel the
sun beating its warm rays on my face once again,...but sorry, as always to
leave the adventure behind,..."alas,.." I said, and sighed,..."Dont worry."
said Drazuk, "I'm sure you'll find your way back here again, but don't always
count on an elven ranger following behind you." And we parted ways,...