Cordir: The Theif Quest!
Wed Nov 6 06:38:01 2002
To: All You Thiefies Out There

I would like to congratulate Natilena on winning the InfoQuest!

Her entry from 6/15/2002:
### Tassadar tells Vex (in elven), 'for gods sake man, put those pants on!'
was our clear winner, with four votes from our panel of seven judges.

Second Place went to Pitt, for his entry from Sat Mar 31 10:00:22 2001
### Gabriel tells Mordith (in common), 'it started squirting blood and stuf...
but now it's all bruised and hurts when I type']

Third Place also went to Natilena, for her entry from 7/13/2002:
### Aster says (in common), 'but when anyone has a sanc I might as well be
hitting them with a noodle']

We received dozens of entries, but only 4 contestants. I'll post them
once the timeline is back up. (Its down until some administrative issues
can be resolved.)

Thanks for your participation! Next Quest: "Why My God Is Better Than Your God!"