Tynian: TFC to change sites
Sat May 25 15:06:11 2002
To: all
"The Final Challenge" will be moving to a new home.

A systems administrator from Global Crossing has notified me that Global
Crossing is retiring the servers formerly associated with Primenet,
including 'mud.primenet.com', and are no longer interested in hosting the
game. Primenet was the ISP that originally gave TFC a home, after TFC
left "Internet Direct," another ISP that has been defunct for quite some
time. This is expected to occur sometime around Monday, June 3rd. An
exact time frame is not known at this time.

This means that TFC will be moving to a new site. The details are still
being worked out. Once some things are nailed down for sure, I'll let you

mud.finalchallenge.net will point to the new mud address, once it is
established. www.finalchallenge.net will point to the official TFC
web site, once it finds a home. Starting tomorrow, both of these
addresses will point to mud.primenet.com, until we make the move.

I will be using the "TFC Contingency Fund"
(http://mud.primenet.com/tfc/contingency/) to cover any related expenses.
Please consider contributing.

My e-mail address is 'tynian@finalchallenge.net', if you need to reach me.

I would like to thank Primenet/Frontier GlobalCenter/Global Crossing for
providing us a machine and site over the years. It's been great.

I anticipate that all of the files will make the transition intact.

See you at our new home! And, of course, our current home, until the
changeover occurs.