Tynian: Status
Sat Jun 1 17:13:57 2002
To: all
A complete backup has been made. It has not be transferred to the new
home, yet.

The "live" TFC files have been moved out of the way, so I have a backwards
path of retreat, in case there is something wrong with the backup, or
tragedy strikes on the new system.

Brought a 'clean' version of the game up at mud.primenet.com, and am
allowing logins.

Still restructuring target system to handle the game.

I have started the transfer of the full TFC backup. ETA is approximately
45 minutes. The transfer was delayed while I created a place large
enough to accommodate it.

The full backup has transferred. I can't do anything with it until the
system disk restructuring is completed.

Transferring the web site backup.