Neodis: Standing Back
Sun Jul 7 19:50:38 2002
To: all
Near my home there is a cliff. When you stand on it you can see the world
laid bare before you. Below you, a town, where people scurry and die, the
ocean crashes against rocks as the boats fight the tide. Looking up you can
see across the water to the endless depths of the sky. The cold, vast and
utterly uncaring sky.

Have you looked upon a tempest? I have, born of the water, tempered at sea,
it was the end of my life, cold and terrible. That is nature. Survival of
the fittest, elimination of the weak.

Back on my rock I can look behind me and see the town that spawned me. An
ugly place, built of beauty and nature. Grown, rather then constructed, it
stands there waiting for us to die so it can revert to it's original state
and eventually die itself. It has stood for far to long, it wants to decay,
to rest, return to the cycle it has known for long before we were elves.
Unfortunately for it, elves don't die for quite some time.

In this place that I stand, a lot of the world comes into perspective. Time
is very much a relative thing, I have stood here for eon's before returning
for dinner. A lot of people rush about trying to amass power and skill
before anyone else can. I doubt they can see that it will come to them in
time anyway. What is the rush? Stop, take the time to appreciate the lessons
around you. Power is an eternal concept, not a finite resource.

Look at the dragon, the most terrible of beasts, but he sleeps for the
majority of his life. I enjoy the spectacle of the dragon, terrible evil and
strength, rolled into grace and wisdom. Arrogantly does the dragon look upon
the world and perhaps this is his only flaw, but it is justified. To exist
so far above your environment. He does not get there overnight mind you. He
takes many thousands of years in his unhurried journey to his station. We
can learn from this.

Below my stand point I see death, yet up here I am safe. Hardly anyone comes
here. So I can grow here and one day I shall come out to walk amongst those
beneath me.

Kind regards
Have FUN dreaming!